Get your PBX ready for Christmas holidays.

This is the time of the year that most people are preparing themselves for the Christmas and New Year Eves breaks. But is your company’s telecom network ready for christmas holidays ? If your administrator team or VoIP company has pre-program the holiday messages and functionality this is the right time to congratulate them. Let’s make sure you haven’t forgotten the little detail that will make the difference.


  • Check the audio message once more. Make sure evert audio file involved is copied in the correct folder, for all possible codecs if you are not transcoding.
  • Check the date for Xmas holidays and if you have a different message for New Years Eve, also check the message time and codecs.
  • Make sure your IVR informs any callers with a contact number in case of emergency.
  • Ensure that call forwards (if any) will be redirected to the correct mobile/s. You may verify that the number is still the same by asking the mobile users.
  • Ensure that IVR scenario is working. You can always assign a test DID extension call it and test it. Assign timing very close to the current time (and date) and see if it changes automatically. Then revert back and remove the test DID extension. Remember not to test using the public IVR. Instead use a test PBX environment or a private IVR that does not interfere with the one serving your customers.
  • Ensure that during off-hours, you VoIP telephones will remain locked and that will require a PIN for outbound traffic. Also for security reasons make sure (if you are the admin and have that option from the SBC or PBX) to receive a mail in case there is an outbound call attempt with details of the call.
  • Finally check the UPS battery’s health.

If you feel that your IVR is not correct you may revise it using this IVR guide in 12 steps, otherwise well done. Have a nice christmas break.